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Register for Priority Claims Processing Now!

Priority Claims Process

Fill out registration form or call 561-628-6980

Firehouse Adjusters will gather your property and insurance Information

Sign annual agreement to allow Firehouse Adjusters to manage your claim if there is an occurrence at your property and you want to file an insurance claim

Call Firehouse Adjusters if you have a loss and our team will move your claim to the top of the list, EVEN DURING HURRICANES!

Option to renew annually

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    When you experience a loss, there is a lot happening really fast! In the midst of it all, the insured needs to ensure the safety of themselves and family, take measures to stop further damage and start the process of filing a claim with the insurance company. After a storm, the insurance company will be inundated with calls making things even more stressful and complicated!

    You don’t have to go at it alone! Avoid hassles by signing up for PRIORITY CLAIMS PROCESSING with Firehouse Adjusters. Registration is FREE and Firehouse Adjusters only gets paid if you do. Registration allows you to provide all of your insurance information and sign paperwork today so that Firehouse Adjusters can get right to work if there is ever an occurrence at your property. Priority Claims Processing can be renewed annually and registration is FREE!

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